Welcome, we are glad you have chosen to become a member of ATU Local 758! 

We invite you to get involved by attending meetings, representing your work group as an Executive Board Officer or Shop Steward.  Becoming an advocate for labor issues both internally and externally, supporting your Officers and Shop Stewards by not being afraid to bring issues to the attention of your leadership.

The Leadership or the top elected Officers are not just the Union.  The Union is an institution of people with a common purpose.  Our strength comes from within our organization.  Together we are the Union!

PDF icon History

ATU Local 758 represents:

-Pierce Transit represented Members.

-Sound Transit Tacoma Light Rail Operators.

-RiverCities Transit represented Members

-RiverCities Lift represented Members.


The following are documents that will help you stay informed.

PDF icon Organizational Chart

PDF icon Office Map

PDF icon ATU Local 758 2024 Calendar

PDF icon Before ATU

PDF icon Know your rights

PDF icon Legal Notice

PDF icon It’s the Law

PDF icon Union Representation and the disciplinary interview

PDF icon Union Ideals to live by!


Through Union dues and member participation, your Union works on all levels to protect and improve working conditions as well as support you as a member.  In the workplace, we seek improvement through negotiations and discussions.  Your Union represents Members in the discipline process to ensure that your rights to "just cause" actions are not violated.

The Union Bylaws are to establish rules by which the business of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 758 shall be conducted in a strictly legal manner with reference to, and not excluding, the International Constitution and General Laws of the Amalgamated Transit Union.

PDF icon Bylaws

(Refer to Article 10 of the Bylaws for the break down formula of your dues.)

Please contact the Union Office at 253-474-3123 if you have questions.


Again, welcome and remember together we are stronger!