FHE Health

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The ATU is now partnering with FHE Health to assist members and their families when they find themselves dealing with a drug or alcohol problem or other untreated mental health issue.

FHE Health is a nationally recognized, dually accredited behavioral health treatment facility that offers the highest quality of care. Since opening nearly 20 years ago, their mission has been to provide safe, effective, medically integrated behavioral healthcare to empower their clients and their families to live loving and inspired lives.

With over 20 years of assisting union members and their families when they are struggling with behavioral health or addiction issues FHE Health understands that the next choice is vital.

Stress and anxiety in the workplace is real and it is FHE Health’s goal to offer Union members confidential assistance 24 hours a day seven days a week.

FHE Health works in conjunction with Unions to protect your job and your LIFE!

If you find yourself in a pattern of progressive discipline at work, you may have underlying behavioral health issues and there are federal laws that may be able to protect you.

Due to the universal publicly funded healthcare system in Canada, our members may not have full access to the program at FHE HEATH.  We are working with FHE Health and ATU Canada to identify resources in Provinces for our Canadian members.

Call for 24/7 CONFIDENTIAL Assistance (866) 276-1610 or visit the FHE Health website